Collage and Community

DSCN0009Inspiration can happen anytime, anywhere and is the starting point for creativity and the seed of art projects. At Boston Children’s Museum each room, each wall, each ceiling presents sites and experiences that invoke inspirations. In the Museum’s Art Studio we create an environment where families are prompted to make art inspired by the other exhibits in the museum.

This month, December 2012, visitors to the Art Studio are creating collages of their neighborhood or community, inspired by the Museum’s Boston Black exhibit. They are invited to think about their own community or to create an imaginary or fantasy community or home. The studio has all sorts of diverse, wonderful collage materials for visitors to create with – old art work that has been left behind, maps, newspaper, and all different colored shapes.  Collage is the perfect art medium to create about community – collage is ever changing, made from an assemblage of different forms. Keep reading, there’s more!